About Us

At Craig's Institutional Pharmacy, we specialize in quality long-term care pharmacy services and take great pride and dedication in providing the highest level of care for our facilities and patients.

CIPRx is able to provide customized pharmacy services for any size facility.


                             SERVICES PROVIDED

            1.  Specialty packaging: 30 day blister cards, 31 day calendar cards, unit-dose boxes, multi-dose compliance strip packaging, &                 vials.

            2.  Customizable billing.  Speak directly with a person for an explanation and assistance to solve any billing question.

            3.  We provide "Leave Of Absence" medications when a patient has a need upon request.

            4.  Provide compounded and sterile compounded medications.

            5.  Paper printed & Electronic Medical Administration Record (with support), Physician's Order Forms, Treatment Administration                 Forms, & we will  
                 work with you to create customized forms to suit your needs.
            6.  For Long-Term Care Skilled Nursing Facilities we provide interim mediation boxes exchanged daily and upon request.

            7.  Pharmacy Consultation at your facility

            8.  "On call" Pharmacist 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

            9.  Provide assistance and paper work to Physicians to help expedite prior authorizations.

            10.Speak directly to a person for friendly and helpful customer service and timely access to a pharmacist.